The Culling of Dungeoneers

Session 0: The crucible (part 1)

In which many PCs die.

We start off with 12, we end with 7 as we explore the fortress of Tolsante Rook

- Cross the bridge, enter the keep.
- Dead halfling that was crushed by crumbling rubble, find a
- 2 quartzes (worth 5gp each)

- Explore the hallway to the west, and the Conscript falls down a pit trap & dies.
- Pit trap leads to a set of catecombs, where the party kills a Ghoul.
- Find a fountain with blue water & nearly get trapped by a portcullis.
- down one hallway is a gelatinous cube, and inside the fountain is an amulet.
- Party uses the shovel to grab the amulet from the other side of the portcullis
- the Amulet is booby trapped, and killed Ethan Valda
- Gelatinous cube comes through the portcullis and attacks.
– kills Tom Hamle, Explorer, and the Doomsayer



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