The Culling of Dungeoneers

Session 0: The crucible (part 2)

More deaths, but not as many

The party started off investigating the large doors in the catecombs, and find a 5-sided chamber. The chamber is well-built (smooth marble, not rough stone). In each corner is a small marble sarcophagi. When we entered, the ceiling begin lowering, and a timer started. After investigating the runes above each archway, we found a pattern, and opened up one of the sarcophagi. The trap disarmed, and we found loot inside. (20 gold, 250 silver, an iron skull, and a scroll/rubbing)

The party headed back up to the main door coming off of the first chamber. It’s a huge chamber with a large rectangular pool in the middle filled with murky, still, black water. 4 pedestals rose up out of the middle, each with an ethereal, ghostly item on it: A shield, a mace, an amulet, and an urn. On the Eastern wall is a heavy oak door, and on the north side there are two archways. As we move into the room, the Noble was hanging back and looking up in the other room nervously. The rest of the party investigated, but we didn’t see/hear anything, even as the Noble claimed that he could hear something.

The party investigated the two archways. The archway on the left headed off to the west, but the archway on the right was covered with thick spider-webs. The party retreated, and investigated the pool, and noticed that the shield had the same symbol as crest of Tolsantey Rook

About this time, we noticed that monsterous spiderlegs were starting to appear out of the right chamber. The Heretic quickly threw his lantern to catch the webs and the spider on fire. The party gangs up on the spider, but doesn’t manage to kill the creature in time to save the Noble from poison. Even as the spider tied up the noble in silk, the party manages to kill it before it can claim another victim.

In frustration, the Embalmer throws a stone through the ghostly shield, which solidifies, and drops onto the other side of the pool, as the other three items vanish. From out of the liquid, 5 skeletons stand.

One of the skeletons has the mace, one has the amulet, and one has the urn. After a little bit of battle, the skeleton with the amulet casts a sleep spell, and knocks the entire party unconscious. As the party lays there, the skeletons begin coup-de-gracing PCs. Only the protective ward that the Heretic and the Embalmer protected them, as the Hunter had his throat slit.

After debating a bit on whether or not to sleep, the heroes loot some of the corpses of victims of the spider and gain some loot (20 gold & a skeleton key). They move on into the western archway, and find a long hallway with a few doors on either side. While searching the door, we heard a voice from down the hallway in the darkness, and after a few seconds we see a ghostly elven noble named Valarel. We speak to him for a bit, as he tells us about the castle. He leads us into a nice parlor and serves us some very old wine (that he’s unable to drink, although he doesn’t seem to realize it). After a bit, we let him know that we’re looking for the Tome of Power. He lets us know that he was one of the authors. But he let us know that there were two possibilities about the book:

1) The book is a fake, and the real one is elsewhere in the castle.
2) The book is real, but it’s guarded by a gargoyle.

We ask him if he could investigate the book on the alter.

and when he does so, he was hit by a desegregation ray. The party decided to take a chance, and investigate…



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