The Culling of Dungeoneers

Session 0: The crucible (part 4)

Session 4 Adventure Log.

Roald Dahlton takes a drink, and his eyes begin glowing blue. The Courtesan and Tom Hamle don’t notice anything different, but Roald sees the chapel as it appeared either many years in the past or possibly the distant future. The temple is wrecked, filled with snow and vines, and walking towards him, Roald can see a woman approaching him, the same woman from the painting.

The woman’s lips move, and in Roald’s head he can hear the words in his own voice. When Roald replies, the Courtesan and Tom can hear Roald speaking in an foreign tongue. Roald takes the woman’s hand, and feels a freezing sensation flowing up his arm. In the real world, the water in the tank around the water is bubbling and churning.

The woman introduces herself as Aryis Rook, wife of Tolsante.

As the two talk, Aryis walks over to a Red Obelisk, touches it, and speaks; causing the obelisk to turn into a golem.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Goblins attack the chapel through the stained glass windows.
- Arrows ping off of Tom Hamle‘s armor, and a poisoned arrow that was sent towards the Courtesan but luckily misses. From behind the goblin, a hobgoblin moves into the room, tossing flasks of oil on the ground as the goblins move in with flaming arrows ready. The Courtesan throws a shurikan that flashes with light and dazes the hobgoblin. Tom takes advantage of the dazed hobgoblin, & chops it’s head off (CRIT!)! Quickly, before the goblins can react, the Courtesan picks up the severed head and screams at the Goblins, sending them running.

In vision world Aryis shows Roald a secret compartment under the alter, and inside the compartment is a tank filled with water and silver fish with a cloak inside:

Looting the Goblins:
2 shortbows
arrows (1 poisoned arrow, until the Courtesan nearly poisons herself with it)

Aryis begins showing Roald the rest of the castle, particularly the maze, but just as they reach the center, Roald wakes up.

In the real world, the party pushes the button, that Roald had seen in his vision, and the water drains from the glass coffin. Roald shatters the coffin lid with a crowbar, and at the bottom of the coffin around the now skeletal remains of Aryis, can see the same cloak from his vision. As Roald reaches in to take it, a skeletal arm shoots up and begins choking the life out of Roald. The Courtesan and Tom quickly tip the coffin over, shattering the skeleton. From the debris, the party recovers the Cloak of Shadows.

On the other side of the coffin, the party found another secret compartment with two scrolls and a jewelry box.
- Scroll of Cure Light Wounds
- Scroll of Magic Missile (1d4+1 damage)
Jewlery box (it + contents worth >100gp)
- bracelet – woven platinum w/ gems
- set of earrings – looks to be made by a child, has the initials L.R.
- ring – made of pressed silver, with the image of the shield crest on it.
- necklace – tarnished silver with a large red gem. Not a ruby, but very opaque

Glancing back up, the party sees that the painting has changed, and the woman is no longer on it, just the couch and the apple.

After taking time to rest in the Dryad’s grove, we explored the last room to the SouthEast. Inside we find a large Red Obelisk, and carvings of the wall that appear to be of Aryis with her 3 children. (Tom recalls the room down in the catecombs with the 4 child sized coffins, only one of which was real.

The Carvings:
North Wall
- Aryis with a top, playfully withholding it from the children
- Aryis on her knees, embracing children
East Wall (between 2 barred windows)
- Aryis is sitting on a throne, reading to the children (Reading from the Tome of Power?)
South Wall (2 barred windows)
- Aryis is standing in a field, picking flowers with the children around her doing the same
West Wall (where we came in)
- Aryis is standing upright, veil over her face, and there are 3 graves. The archway of the door we came in looks like a weeping willow.

The Courtesan dresses up like Aryis with the leftover clothes from the skeleton, and says the command word to the Golem that Aryis said in the dream. The golem stirs, wakes up, and looks down at the Courtesan…

To Be Continued.



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