Limara Delziantari

A former courtesan, former Book, and Cleric of Dellarin'ak'nithor.



10hp (10)
Faith Points: 0

AC: 5
Flail, heavy: 1d6+1 (vs small/Med) 2d4 (vs large)

Str 8
Dex 7
Con 8
Int 6
Wis 10
Cha 6

Attack roll: 20-1d20 = Armor class I hit.

Saving Throws
14 aimed magic Items (e.g.,rod, staff, wand)
16 Breath Weapons
10 death, paralysis, poison
13 petrifaction,polymorph
15 Spells for unlisted categories

Birth Augury – Conceived in a Dungeon – +2 to Saving Throws vs traps

Weapons permitted: Blunt only — club, flail, hammer, mace, oil, staff; clerics may hurl hammers, clubs, or oil, but may not employ other missile weapons
Carry: up to 70lbs
Gp: 22

vial of perfume
Flail, heavy : 1d6+1 (vs small/Med) 2d4 (vs large) 10lbs 3 gp
Club : 1d4 (vs small/Med) 1d3 (vs large) Rate of Fire: 1 Range: 10ft 3lbs 2 cp
Scale Armor Weight:40 lbs Movement:60ft Modify AC: – 4 cost: 45 gp
Medium Shield Weight:8 lbs Modify AC: – 1 cost:12 gp
Holy symbol : pewter 1lb 5 gp
Backpack 10 (empty) 2 gp
Bell (x2)- 1 gp
Signal whistle – 8 sp
Canvas (per sq. yd) 1 1 sp
Piton (x5) ½ 1 sp
- Scroll of Magic Missile (1d4+1 damage)
- Ring of Tolsante’s wife


Command – Give a 1 word order. No save unless creature has an int of 13+

Cure Light Wounds – Can be reversed and function as “inflict light wounds”

Light – can be reversed and function as darkness, and can be cast in people’s eyes to blind them

Sanctuary – Makes enemies ignore me



Clerical Enchantment/Charm
level: Cleric 1 Range: 10 ft
duration: 1 round area of effect: 1 living creature
components: V casting time: 1 segment
Saving throw: See below
By speaking a single word of command with the force of divine power behind it, the cleric may force a creature to obey an order. The creature must be able to hear the cleric and understand the language in which he or she utters the command. The command may be only one word, must be a verb, and must be completely unambiguous. “Halt,” “Flee,” and “Sleep” are typical commands, but many others are possible. The effects may not extend beyond a single round, and the command. “Die” has the same effect as the command to “Sleep”. Creatures with intelligence of 13+ and/or hit dice of 6+ gain a saving throw against the spell’s influence.

Cure light Wounds (Reversible)

Clerical Necromancy
level: Cleric 1 Range: Touch
duration: Instantaneous (permanent) area of effect: Creature touched
components: V,S casting time: 5 segments
Saving throw: None (Neg.)
Cure light wounds allows the cleric to lay hands upon a wounded creature, restoring 1d8 hit points to the spell’s beneficiary. The reverse of the spell operates in the same manner (although
requiring a to hit roll), but inflicts 1d8 hit points rather than healing. If the cleric fails to hit while casting cause light wounds, the spell is lost. This spell does not heal disease, reattach limbs, or bring back the dead, nor can it add hit points beyond a character’s normal number. Non-corporeal creatures are not affected by this spell, nor are undead, nor are creatures
that are harmed only by iron, silver, or magical weapons.

light (Reversible)

Clerical Transmutation/ Alteration
level: Cleric 1 Range: 120 ft
duration: 6 turns + 1 turn/ caster level (half for darkness) area of effect: 20 ft radius globe
components: V,S casting time: 4 segments
Saving throw: See below
The light spell creates a globe of light 20 ft in radius, centred upon whatever spot or object the caster indicates at the time of casting (including a location in thin air). The caster may extinguish the magical light at any time. The reverse of the spell, darkness, creates an area of utter darkness just as the light spell creates light, with the only distinction being that the darkness spell has half the duration of a light spell. If either spell is cast upon a living creature, the creature is entitled to a saving throw (success indicating that the spell affects the area just behind the creature). A light spell cast upon a creature’s eyes will blind it for the spell’s duration, causing it a penalty of -4 on all rolls to hit if sight is its primary sense. The light spell remains stationary if it was not originally cast upon a movable object or creature (in which case the target will bring the illumination with it as it moves).


Clerical Abjuration
level: Cleric 1 Range: Personal
duration: 2 rounds + 1 round/ level area of effect: Caster
components: V,S,M casting time: 4 segments
Saving throw: None
A sanctuary spell makes the cleric seem an irrelevant, nonhostile target, one that his or her enemies will ignore. In order for any foe to attack the caster of the spell, the enemy must make a successful saving throw against magic. Failing the saving throw permits the enemy to attack another target, but the cleric will be completely ignored. The spell does not prevent an enemy from including the cleric within the area of effect of a hostile spell, provided that the cleric is not the intended target. The cleric may not undertake any hostile actions while protected by a sanctuary, or the spell’s power will be dissipated and end. However, the cleric may cast spells and otherwise act in ways that are not directly hostile, such as curing wounds, casting a spell such as bless, or even stealing an item if faith and alignment permit.


Limara Delziantari once served as a Royal Courtesan in the court of High Lord Zyrr’delin Morvyndis. Over the last decade, while peace was being brokered in the outside world, Limara navigated the battles of the nobles: clinging to one Lord while advising another, laying with a duke while promising her heart to his rival… Over the years, Limara’s prestige and talent grew, until she had positioned herself to move against Lord Morvyndis’ own mistress, and take her place by the High Lord’s side. No one know what happened to her that night, and she has never spoken of it to anyone. Rumors circulated around the palace of an “accident” that had occurred, but every tale was different, and even High Lord Zyrr’delin seemed to be either unwilling or unable to speak truthfully about what had occured between Limara and his mistress.

Even as the rumors swirled, Limara locked herself in her chambers, seeing no one and eating nothing. For a month since the mysterious night that she had begun her coup of the High Lord’s mistress, Limara remained in solitude, seeing no one. Finally, after weeks of speculation and hearsay, Limara emerged. Rather than the tall, regal figure many remembered, her walk was hunched, and she wore a thick veil across her face. Gathering her few possessions, she left the palace without a word, and never came back.

Eventually, she found herself on the roads of the kingdom, seeking something…new. It was on this trip she ventured into the deady Castle Rook. Twelve travellors entered that castle, but only Limara, Roald Dahlton, and an Embalmer returned. Over the past year, she has been preparing to undertake the final quest of Tolsante Rook along with Roald and the Embalmer. During this time, she has neither explained what happened to her, nor removed her veil.

While working in the Palace, Limara was widely known for wearing flashing jewelery and colorful bracelets. But now, aside from the Ring of Aryis Rook, the only jewelery that Limara wears is a small holy symbol around a chain on her neck. The symbol is engraved with the uplifting claw; the emblem of Dellarin’ak’nithor, god of lost causes.

Limara Delziantari

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