MaxXx Dammag

Wizard. Long white beard, pointy hat


MaxXx Welker – lvl 2

Str 12
Dex 10
Con 11
Int 16
Wis 5
Cha 10

HP: 8
Lore Point: 0
AC 10

Saving Throws
11 aimed magic Items (e.g.,rod, staff, wand)
15 Breath Weapons
14 death, paralysis, poison
13 petrifaction,polymorph
12 Spells for unlisted categories

To Hit: 21 – 1d20
Weapons: Dagger 1d4

Backpack 10 (empty)
Bell (x2)
Signal whistle
Canvas (per sq. yd)
steel mirror

Read Magic
Spider Climb
Burning Hands
Shocking Grasp
Magic Aura
Hold Portal
Unseen Servant

Born in a Dungeon – can sense the presence of living creatures within 30ft


MaxXx Dammag

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