Roald Dahlton


Roald Dahlton, thief 2

   Four parallel scars running down the left side of the face and neck from gar-ghouls.
   Luck Points: 1
   Permitted Armor: Leather or studded leather only. No shields.
   Weapons: Club, dagger. (All others at -3 penalty. Gain another at 4th.)
   Backstab: Target must be unaware of your presence. Gain +4 to strike with a melee weapon
      and double the damage die. (triple the die at 5th.)
   Thieves’ Cant: Thieves have their own language

   Str  8   150 Enc, Minor Test (d6) 1-2, Major Test (d%) 1
   Dex 17   +2 Surprise, +2 Missile, -3 AC
   Con  8   Resurrection/Raise (d%) 65, Shock/Minor (d%) 60
   Int 11   +2 Languages
   Wis 11   ---
   Cha 10   4 henchmen

Hit Points    13               Aimed Magic               14
Armor class    5               Breath                    16
   Hide -2 AC, 15 lb, 120 ft   Petrification/Polymorph   12
   -3 AC (Dex)                 Other Spells              15
 * Broach of Shielding (101)   Death/Paralysis/Poison    13

Birth Auger: (14) As an infant, you survived a deadly winter. You gain a +4 bonus to saving
   throws against extreme cold and cold-based effects.

THAC0 20
   club or dagger (d4/d3; backstab THAC0 16)
   short bow (2/round, THAC0 18; d6/d6; 50 ft)
   Mask of the Medusa (gaze attk 1/day. target saves vs petrification or turns to stone for
      24 hours.)

   Climb             87%   Move Quietly              30%
   Find Traps        34%   Open Locks/Disarm Traps   49%
   Hear Noise        13%   Pick Pockets              39%
   Hide in Shadows   30%   Read Languages             5%

 * I forgot the Dex adjustments to my thieve's skills at 1st level. All fixed now.


   skeleton key
   soft boots (3 lb)
   steel mirror (.5 lb)
   3 pt waterskin (1 lb empty)
 * Token of Charon (coin w/ 6-sided stars)
 * thick green potion (plant control)
 * crystal key

backpack (10 lb)
   caltrops (2 lb)
   crowbar (+1 str test or +5% skill)
   grappling hook (4 lb)
   hammer (2 lb)
   kid gloves (.5 lb)
   lantern (2 lb)
   2 leather flasks
   leather scrollcase (.5 lb)
   loaded dice (roll 5s & 6s)
   50 ft silk rope (5 lb)
   superior padlock w/key
   vial of cooking oil
 * 4 iron arrows

Alluded to be the husband of the deceased cleric, Limara. —As told by Wil Alder (also deceased), to a dryad in the ruins of Tolsante Rook’s keep.

Roald Dahlton

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