The Culling of Dungeoneers

Stronghold - Level 1 (part 1)

In which the adventurers venture into the Crown of Charon

The Adventure begins with the three dungeoneers, Limara Delziantari, Roald Dahlton and Anubar descending into the Crown of Charon, fortress of the former Warlock Lord.

Arriving at the gates, the PCs find a massive stone door, flanked on either side by statues of nuns nursing demon-spawn, with a goat-skull nailed to its apex. Heat is radiating from the door, and in the mouth of the goat-skull was a glittering red gem. After finding a secret compartment in one of the statues, the heroes recovered a Token of Charon . After hoisting Roald up to the top of the doorway, the Thief removed a glowing red gemstone in the Goat-Skull’s mouth, and the door cooled.

The party opened the door, and descended down the staircase to the first level.

The party arrived at the bottom of the stairs, where the face of a demon was etched onto the floor.

On either side of the staircase were two statues of Charon, hand outstretched. To the east was a bulging wooden door, to the west was a rusted iron door, and to the south was an archway shaped like a demon mouth

From out of the archway, cold air blew, and the Cleric, Limara, could hear faint chanting. Most was gibberish, except for a repeating phrase “non nobis, non nobis.”

The party decided to examine the rusted iron door, and inside they found:

Immediately to the south was a pit filled with Ghoul-Vomit, and to the north was a room covered with blackened vines. The party moved on, and on the Southwest door they found the symbol of the bramble crown (a crown of thorny vines with one eye in the middle). The Thief tried to listen at the door, but set off a trap that cost him his eyes! At least he would have, had he not been very lucky. (Luck Point Used). This attracted the attention of two Adherers, mummy like creatures with demon heads and adhesive wrappings.

While Limara got her flail stuck against one, Anubar threw the red gem we had seen earlier. The gem exploded in a fireball, catching everyone in the blast. The Dungeoneers were injured, but the two Adherers were burnt to a pile of ash.

Rather than risk the door with the bramble crown, the dungeoneers went back to the door with the blackened vines, and looked inside

The pool in the middle was surrounded by a large plant-like creature that flailed violently when we threw a rock into it, but didn’t move. There were two skeletons on the edge of the large pool in the middle, and there were also several bright yellow flowers that released spores into the air when the vines started flailing. There seemed to be some space around the edges of the room that the flailing vines couldn’t reach, so Roald and Limara moved around the edge, reading the labels of the various bowls of liquid.

Orange – Invulnerability
Blue – Super Healing
Yellow – Super Heroism
Dark Blue – Gaseous Form
Purple – obscured
Teal – covered by vines
Red -

As Limara approached the Green potion, a slimy tendril reached out, and…



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